The synthetic teak deck

In the style of a traditional wooden deck

Can also be installed in your home


The synthetic teak deck

An appreciation of your boat.

We manufacture your individual Flexiteek Deck in the style of a traditional wooden rod deck. Compared to a traditional wooden deck, the Flexiteek deck offers you some key benefits:



The deck looks just like a traditionally laid teak deck in terms of structure and appearance.


Your new deck is fully welded and 100 per cent waterproof.


Clean by boat washing. Dirt such as red wine, fish blood, etc. can be easily removed with water.


Flexiteek is permanently beautiful. It is weather resistant and shows no fading or graying (UV resistant according to ASTM G154-00)


We would be delighted to bring the maritime flair to your terrace or your beloved home.


Flexiteek is non-slip. It has – dry or wet – a safe “grip” and offers you a reliable stand in all situations.


According to your personal taste, you can choose between various color options at Flexiteek: